Part-time "Player"

again--my frens called me a "player".just like the old days..i'm used to it,and i knew my frens dont really mean anything with that word =)

but heck,do u think i love being like this? hehehehe..i love being seriously attached with some1 rather than kept on dating here n there..there is nothing more i wanted that tying a know with some1 i love...i kept on dating,flirting here n there--and look where i am right now..25,and still single =b

but,that's not the case now rite? hehee..i'm already 25,not too young nor too i just want to grab the opportunity while being a solo..why shd i missed out the opportunities to meet some1 while still single? i might meet my Mr Right,my soulmate incidently what..ahakss

but like i'm saying..not all of them are BF material..n for sure,none so far is husband material =b but at least i have them to accompany me,calling me..and jimat my money coz tak pyh byr lunch/dinner or tgh muvi..hehehe..ok what?

Atika Ramlan

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