Old Memories with NSync

hmmm..my first writing in frenster..nah,this isnt going to be my private diary,just some words from time to time--if i have the time,n things to tell

what make me write in here? i've my other blogs -which i dont really update frequently..hehehe

the thing is,i was surfing the net.and went into youtube to search some videos..and came across--NSYNC!! my most beloved group once upon a time (still is!). when i stumbled upon the videos,i kept remembering their Madison Square Garden concert--which is by far the BEST ever!! ive lost the CD in a fire--sigh..

so now,i'm just watching them from youtube..Ahhhh,such memories..brings me back to UTP's life..blok Metana, Etana..how my CD was passed around almost the whole block.how i kept watching it too many times ..

and speaking of which,it remind me of some1..some1 whom i said have a resemblance with JC (only both of us knew,i guess) that's old story,but can stop me reminiscing that moment..

Mmmuuaapah to NSYNC!!

Atika Ramlan

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