Nak Tekel Some1 tapi..

i've been alone for quite a while.when i said alone,means not attached to some1 laa, 4 BFs so far..

#1 - i tekel myself
#2 - he kaw-kaw tekel me,tp turn out to be poyo..i never liked him,just accept him coz frustrated with some1
#3 - my 1st love.and he turs out to be a BIG LIAR!!
#4 - only both of us knew we are a couple ,sighh..but love him dearly

hmmm,pretty pathetic my love story,eh? so u can see that i've never really been i a solid realtionship.none of it lasted for a year..ampeh..

after the last one--kinda kept on dating new guys..esp when i'm in KL.those who are my frens,will understand laa..everytime solo,i'll surely date around..heheheeh

recently,i YMed with some1.some1 i knew about a year ago,but ever really were fren.cant even remember how we get to know each other,but he's definitely on my YM list--yeah,my LONG YM list =b

we chatted.deep in the conversation,i blurted out that i once liked him.and he said "me too". wow!! funny feelings entered me at that moment..giddy like a schoolgirl, can feel blood rushing up-warming my cheek.havent felt that kinda thing since high school..

hmm,but things didnt went really well..he's far east.i'm in central of Malaysia..even handphone didnt seem able to connect us--since he got a problem with his hp (really). and he cant YM from office,not does he is active online (email,frenster etc) to keep us connected..sighh....

so,i dunno if he is for real or not.i do like him,and i dont know if he truly does..even if he is,only some miracle wil make us together.coz he's not really seems the one who will 'chase" the girl.and i'm done chasing guys.hehehe.esp not those with too many excuses--coz i cant figure out either its true or not..i've quit guessing games longgggg time ago--it exhaust me..

so what now? hmmm,ive changed my mind.i will not think of him as possible some1.just fren maybe,but not more than that.feelings without action means nothing to me..

moveeeeeee on !!
ada jodoh.ade la,kan? =)

Atika Ramlan

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