3 "dates" this friday..

hmmm,just now ive agreed to meet some1 tomorrow nite--make it the 3rd one!

i already have plans for this coming wknd.and so are most of the guys..hence,meeting tomorrow nite.hmm, and ive agreed to 3 of them.Crazy? No..definitey no..

its like this..1 of the guy,really want to have a date-dinner,muvi n all..but he cant confirmed it yet.2nd guy,got a meeting till late nite at Bangi.so he was thinking of dropping by to Puchong after that--if i'm free..and just now,some1 else call.and said that he would like to meet me tomorrow.and insanely,i said yes! hehehehe

you dont think its possible? here are the possibilities

#1 : Meet the 1st guy and the 3rd guy..the 2nd guy knew i'm already occupied. either meet the 1st guy first,and the 3rd guy latter,or vice versa..

#2 : if the 1st guy cancelled on me, i'll meet both the 2nd and 3rd guy--if possible

#3 : if not possible, i will most probably meet only the 3rd guy

#4 : if the 3rd guy cancel, still have the 2nd guy

#5 : none of the above? hehehe..either lepak with my besfren or just call some1 else to meet me..

hahahahahahahaha..its Friday beb!! i dont want to be stucked in a confined room..

Atika Ramlan

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