** (un)Happy Birthday to me!! **

Happy birthday to myself..
thanx to my sis--for being the first to wish me..
and my ex-bf..my first love. for being the second..kinda surprised he remembered..
my family pun wish me later on..but i'm not in the mood to celebrate it at home..stayed at my fren's house in Puchong..

and my dearest bestfren--rafiqa..never failing to wish me..love you my dear!

the sweetest wish ive ever had in my life:
abang nak ucapkan slmt hari lahir ika..sori la mlm td xleh wish sbb krdit xde..hepi bestday ika syg..lov u so much,emmmmuuahhh

and anip lupa..not a surprise though..

birthday present? none whatsoever..

Atika Ramlan

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