** Vehicle Detailing--Gleam ur Light colored Car! **

credits to kenneth from MyviClub.com


1) 1st rinse ur car with running water. Proper way to do it is not to spray but to use the water's own weight to rinse off particles and sediments on ur car body that has accumulated since ur last wash (especially these days with the haze).
2) Shampoo ur car (don`t care about brand)
3) Rinse again and dry car with a microfibre cloth (which can be found anywhere)
4) Use a clay bar (a soap like bar that picks up dirt like magnet and gives ur paint job smoothness that`s like baby skin). Once the clay bar is dirty, just fold it within itself like a plastercine and continue wiping with it. U need not use force to wipe ur car with it. DO NOT DROP IT ON THE GROUND! If dropped, it would pick up sand and scratch ur paint if u use it. When the bar is dirty, use it to clean ur rims. Clay bars can be found in certain shops but I go for the Soft99 Clay bar which could be found in Brothers.
5) Use a liquid cleaner & polish to further remove any dirt that`s been missed. Buff off cleaner with another microfibre (do not use the same cloth for everything)
6) Apply sealants with sponge or microfibre and buff off with another cloth panel by panel. Let`s see, u should have .... front side door x 2, back side door x 2, roof x 1, bonnet x 1, boot x 1, bumper (Front & Back) x 2, side skirtings (if any) x 4.

That`s it! U`re done. So how many microfibre were used?
1) Shampoo
2) Dry car
3) Cleaner
4) Buff cleaner
5) Sealants
6) Buff Sealants

A total of 6 pieces of microfiber. Clean thoroughly after use and hang to dry.

Sealants have a curing time (the time for it to reach a stable form). For Klasse, it is recommended to wait 24hours before applying another layer. For ur next layer, just wash and apply sealant (no need claying and cleaning). If it looks like it`s gonna rain, forget about doing any detailing to ur car. During curing time, there should not be any water contact.

I`m gonna do a couple of layers before waxing. Waxing would seal the sealants in (I know, it sounds weird that wax is seal and sealants isn`t. I got confused the 1st time I heard it too). Keep in mind that not all waxes work with any sealants. Best to do some research before u decide which brand of wax to use.

A little off topic: For windscreens, I don`t put anything anything in the wiper water tank. I`ve used the Soft99 windscreen cleaner (bought in Eneos 1 Utama) that resembles a fat torchlight. I`ve heard this is the only brand that does not produce a juddering effect when ur wiper runs across the windscreen.
i may try using PermaGlass 1st. and later on, buy the Klasse product

Atika Ramlan

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